Historic Digimap – new mapping and download facilities

Two new beta services have recently been launched to benefit users of Historic Digimap:

  • Ancient Roam, an online mapping interface based on the Roam mapping client available from Digimap’s OS Collection
  • Historic Download, a facility allowing users to select and download larger quantities of historical map data

Ancient Roam

Ancient Roam is a new mapping facility within Historic Digimap, based upon the Roam mapping client available from Digimap’s OS Collection, and includes features such as ‘slippy maps’, and zooming.

Features specific to Ancient Roam include selecting historical maps from any decade (depending on availability) using a ‘timeline’, an easier means of identifying and selecting maps in areas where County Series overlap and single-clicking to display the year the map was published along with other information.

New Town Plan Maps

The large-scale Town Plans are now available in both Ancient Roam and Historic Download. These are the largest scale historical maps available from Digimap, at 1:500, 1:528 and 1:1056 scales.

Only settlements with a population greater than 4000 at the time of surveying were mapped at this scale.


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